From Ruin to Riches: How Ray Higdon Made it to the Top

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a sales system offering ambitious entrepreneurs an opportunity to excel in the business world to a level that may have been impossible in any other way. The people that take the time to become highly knowledgeable about the company they represent, learn as much as possible about online and offline marketing techniques, and dedicate the time and effort to build effective sales teams are the one dominating this field. This has been the experience of marketing expert Ray Higdon.

Starting From Zero

Higdon was like many other frustrated working Americans. His life was stressful, and he was falling behind despite working long hours, investing in the profitable world of real estate, and having the title and experience that should have allowed him to excel. When the real estate industry fell apart in the 2008 recession, he lost his money, his home, and even his marriage. Every late night he had spent working and building his life now seemed like wasted time. He was lost and depressed and uncertain about his future. His bank account was empty, and he eventually relied on his girlfriend to pay his bills for him.

Accepting a Change

What Higdon discovered was that you cannot continue down a road that is doomed to failure. He tried the corporate version of success and found it lacking. This was when he discovered Network Marketing and realized he needed to let go of the past and embrace a new lifestyle. He devoted himself to success. He stopped becoming upset when people refused his product or his recruitment offers. He learned to listen to the marketers that had already proven themselves and to learn from their mistakes and successes. He had attempted this same business model in the past, but immediately gave up when he was rejected or something did not go exactly as planned. This time, he refused to quit and continued pursuing his dream.

Building a Dream

Higdon was able to begin earning $50,000 a month within 10 months of committing himself to his marketing career. He has since won numerous awards and prizes, has lectured, shared the stage with some of the most successful people in the industry, and has become a multi-millionaire. He travels when he wants, spends time with his family when he wants, and has the financial security he always desired. He is now remarried and has taken his wife on lavish vacations. They have two young sons that Higdon now knows he can support, provide with a college education, and give them the advice and guidance to also reach the top. He has the lifestyle, flashy cars, and beautiful home but, more importantly, he also has the pride of knowing that he reached the level through his own hard work.

Ray is now living the American Dream. His hard work, belief in his own abilities, and the desire to help others achieve the same level of success has made him one of the top one percent of marketers in the country. He spends his time today as a public speaker, corporate trainer, and professional job coach. His marketing blog is immensely popular and receives over two million hits every month. His informational products are highly sought-after and generate a substantial revenue. He continues to invest in network and affiliate marketing and assists others as they learn the skills that help them to reach their goals.

Higdon knows that there is nothing that he has accomplished that cannot be matched by someone else. Success is possible for anyone as long as they put in the time and effort and have the drive necessary to reach the top.